Blues on the Corner" Lyrics for Original Tunes

Lyrics for all original tunes by David Higginbotham - Copyright © Bigg Higg Music, 2018

Blues on the Corner

My baby she told me today, that she wouldn't keep on believing,
the stories that I have been telling her since we met on the corner.
We use to have such an unstoppable time,
as we sat and whispered in tune, with a beautiful rhyme.
But now I sit alone with blues on the corner.
Nobody here, but this empty old bottle of wine.

At first I was doing Okay. I had all the dates that I wanted,
until I woke up and remembered it was you that really counted.
Now I'm the forgotten one waiting for you.
While you're out there playing it cool, I'm here playing the fool.
And here I sit alone with blues on the corner.
Nobody here but this empty old bottle of wine.


She's striding down the street, out looking for action
with any wealthy man she meets.
Well she's not too discreet, a major attraction.
She's out to make your night complete.
Take a long look, 'cause the next one'll cost you.
No need for alibis. She knows what you're after
and brother she can sure supply.

And that's a fact you can't deny.
She'll take care of your needs tonight.
She's Doxy.

Scrapple from the Apple

I took the A train down to Birdland
where those cats were doing the Freedom Jazz Dance.
Boplicity was Groovin' High.
On a Clear and beautiful Day the crowd was
Dancing on the Ceiling.

Then Out of Nowhere came Impressions
I'd be Walkin' right On the Street Where You Live
Thinkin' of All the Things You Are.
To me You Stepped Out of a Dream.
Now I'm a fool Like Someone in Love.


I Left My Heart in San Francisco.
In Chicago only my Body and Soul.
I gave up all My Favorite Things.
So What. It just Don't Mean a Thing.
I still got all my Pieces of Dreams.

All lyrics by David Higginbotham. Copyright © Bigg Higg Music 2018