Pat Henry Memorial


In the Spring of 1994 I started playing regularly with Bob Boyd (piano) and Randy McDonald (drums). We would occasionally use a fourth man and somehow Pat Henry (trumpet) seemed to have the right chemistry. This was The Bob Boyd Sounds.

I say ‘was’ because sadly, Pat Henry passed away April 9, 2015. For more than twenty years the same four guys performed as a quartet. We played about 100 gigs a year so that’s a lot of notes. We could hear each other coming around the corner and anticipate the next nuance of a song. We almost never rehearsed, but, the song list wasn’t stale. We were adding tunes all the time.

I came to rely on, and took for granted, Pat’s keen sense of melody and rich improvisation on trumpet, flugel horn, valve trombone and flute. He could hear a melody once and be playing it on the next chorus of the song. He was also a good singer. He could sing it straight or “Satchmo” style. On top of all that, he played piano, which freed Bob Boyd up to play accordion or banjo. He was a huge part of our sound and we miss him big time.